We know that purchasing your vibration training machine brings up the question of

What if it needs servicing or something goes wrong with it…

You can be rest assured that Gravityhq has thought of this as well and we will respond quickly to your request for a warranty service.


We are just as keen as you are to get you back onto your vibration training and when a warranty inquiry comes in, we are quick to respond and help you.


We won’t leave you hanging!


What comes with the home user warranty is:


    1.      All parts for two years

    2.      All labour for two years

    3.      Onsite servicing where posible for two years

    4.      Access to our techs outside of the warranty period so getting it fixed stays simple



So sit back and relax, let your vibration training get you to your body goals…

We are here to help if you need us.




Have any questions? NZ:0800 842 728

CALL US TODAY  AUS:1300 718 182