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I have been a chiropractor for over 30 years specialising in kinesiology and whole body wellness. I have worked with all age groups and am currently seeing more and more mature and motivated people who wish to stay well and most of all stay mobile and independent

The spine and nervous system affects all areas of health and it makes sense to look after these as a first priority, to correct and prevent malfunctions and eventually diseases. I take a holistic approach to people’s health and use the most effective techniques available based on the individual’s needs, whether it be spinal adjustments, acupuncture, trigger point work, emotional clearing or nutritional and exercise support. This holistic approach gives the quickest and most lasting results.


Postural misalignment and muscle imbalances, (that is too strong or too weak), can lead to pain anywhere in the body, as well as eventually other health problems that can affect life quality.

I personally have found one of the best ways to maintain that structural balance is the use of the vibration machine, especially for rehabilitation after injury or strain has occurred. It is a valuable tool to restore balance but it is even better to maintain the body in a  great state of health.

The value is that you have it at home, it is available at any time, any weather and you can set your own pace based on your particular needs, whether it be gentle massage, lymphatic or circulatory stimulation or muscle building. You can feel your posture and balance improving almost immediately.

Overall I have found it to be a great tool to improve quality of life for all ages and recommend it as a safe alternative


The Gravity HQ team should be congratulated on their total commitment to all areas of vibration machine technology. From machine design, quality and performance through to studies on the health benefits of the technology, they really know their stuff.

The staff really cares about people, and go out of their way to find the best solution for each person. And don’t worry – the solutions are do-able and realistic – you won’t be asked to run 10km!! Solutions are tailored to fit a person’s needs and ability.

In a nutshell – I’d say this is the best vibration machine on the market. Come in and try it, feel what it is like and see what it can do for you

gravityhq - canberra-raiders

Interview with Canberra Raiders Coach

Dhyana – Nigel, you are using the new Gravity Revolution Premium speed pivotal Vibration machine as a part of training and recovery for the Canberra Raiders – how are you finding the boys are responding to it?

Nigel – We are finding new ways to utilise Vibration each day. Our injured boys are really getting quite attached to it. We use it extensively post session for lactate removal as part of our ‘immediate’ recovery.

Dhyana – Many athletes scoff at the potential of this type of training support, what is your opinion

Nigel – Vibration training is slowly returning after a huge wave some years ago. I know myself I have a much better understanding of where it makes a difference.

Dhyana – what are some of the noticeable results you have seen since introducing the Revolution machine into your training process?

Nigel – I have implemented the Revolution machine into the following areas of our training:

  • As a ‘primer’ option: An addition to our athletic preparation schedule.

  • As a ‘recovery device’: I have found it a great method for assisting the removal of lactate post session.

  • As a resistance option to our core work.

  • As a rehab option and provision of resistance. We use it for upper and lower body rehab adding resistance to exercise.


Dhyana – do you use it yourself as well?

Nigel – I have begun using it to calm me down when I about to blow a gasket. I also have a 20-month old boy who is anti sleep so when I feel myself nodding off I stand on it and give me a blast at about 20 hertz…

Dhyana – would you recommend the Gravity Revolution to others as a great way to maintain muscle strength, circulation and recovery from injury, bruising and DOMS?

Nigel – Most definitely. The Gravity Revolution has enabled us at the Canberra Raiders to provide another option into our athletic prep, recovery and rehab procedures. We are only scratching the surface with options it provides. We are also trialling its use on match day in the change rooms and sideline coming into the business end of this season.