Shocking Fact


For Years now many smaller and plastic type vibration training machines have been commercially touted as being able to achieve the same results as a premium speed pivotal vibration machine such as the Gravity Revolution.

Understanding the difference is a very important thing to know when looking to own one at home IF YOU WANT RESULTS!

A so-called “Independent report” or “Buyers Guide” that is currently online may not be as independent as you think, and unfortunately suggests that not all online marketing can be trusted.

Read carefully and check who funded the testing and the marketing to promote it. If it happens to be the same company that comes out looking the best in the report, then maybe the whole claim to being a true “buyers guide” is in question.

A great advocate for honesty in the vibration platform industry is Lloyd Shaw of Vibra Train New Zealand.  Like us Lloyd has a passion for helping the people who need  this technology get what they hoping for when they purchase a machine.  He has a good blog on his site  and questions can be asked there of different brands.

He is so vigilant that some companies and people have been blacklisted for various reasons that are detrimental to the customer’s best interest.

We at Gravityhq see ourselves as a part of an industry that can do so much good for the general public and their basic ability to have functional movement better physical strength in day to day living.

We believe that everyone deserves a chance to be fit, healthy and pain free and that is what is behind our passion for providing the best possible Vibration training machine we can.  A machine good enough for elite training and strong athletes and safe enough even for the elderly at home.

So be aware, there are a lot of lesser quality and less informed suppliers of vibration platforms out there, if you want results, go with the experts.