Harnessing the power of gravity

Originally developed by Russian space programs to combat the effects of zero gravity on the musculoskeletal systems of its cosmonauts, HyperGravity Training (Whole Body Vibration) with Gravityhq has been adopted by many of the world’s elite athletes, trainers and practitioners.

The science behind GravityRevolution

The core principle of hyper gravity machines lies in the phenomenon known as the stretch reflex.

The stretch reflex is caused by the central nervous system allowing for involuntary muscle contractions to occur. An example of this would be the knee jerk reflex test. You may notice that if you do not stimulate the knee tendon hard enough, you won’t experience a reaction. The GravityRevolution works under the same principle.

The stretch reflex is important for its ability to activate as many as 90 to 100% of muscle spindles. This is significant because with increased level of muscle spindle activation you will experience a much stronger muscle contraction.

With increased levels of muscle activation and increased load resistance caused via the higher G-forces placed on the body, you will experience superior levels of health and fitness benefits occurring in a very short period of time.

Put simply, with the correct amplitude, frequency and G-force causing your muscles to work under load and extremely fast, in 10-15 minutes you will gain the effect of a full weight training workout that would normally take an hour.

What makes GravityRevolution so effective?

GravityRevolution utilises pivotal oscillation. It is one of the only machines in the world capable of producing high-level frequencies at an affordable price. High-level frequencies coupled with the right amplitude allows for greater levels of G-force to be placed on the body thus allowing greater benefits to be achieved.

The superior feature of pivotal oscillation is in its lateral movement (left and right). This feature allows natural movement of the pelvis to occur and reduces the tension placed on the head and neck.

This pivotal movement allows over 90% of muscles alongside the spine to activate safely, simultaneously switching on postural core muscle to add to the natural support of the spine. It’s all about what happens naturally with the stretch reflex response.

To increase the desired resistant level placed on your body simply increase your frequency (Hz) and then amplitude (distance between your feet) to allow for the greater activity results to be achieved.

The GravityRevolution advantage

With the ability to utilise low and very high frequencies, GravityRevolution allows for an extremely versatile workout. You can begin gently and progressively increase the stimulation using postures that don’t strain or harm your joints. Plus, because it’s so safe and easy to use, you don’t have to read a tonne of books or consult with numerous health professionals to get started *unless specific conditions require this.

From the comfort of your own home and in as little as 10 minutes a day, GravityRevolution will have you stimulating and relieving muscle tension with little to no sweating, (unless a sweaty workout is desired) allowing for maximum results to be achieved in the shortest period of time. And don’t forget it is an extremely affordable model specifically designed for home use while maintaining professional standards.

Gravityhq wants you to have the same machine that a physiotherapist, doctor, chiropractor, training studio, nursing home or weight loss clinic would use – so that’s what we’ve created for you.