Item to CompareGeneric MachinesSlightly better than average machinesGravity Revolution:
Professional Grade
Plate Size48cm long X 34cm Wide56cm long X 36cm wide66cm long X 51cm wide
Motor size200-350watt motor400-900watt motor1500watt motor
Neck, arms and base plate materialPlastic, aluminium blendsLight steel/aluminium, plastic, fibreglass3mm steel throughout base, 2mm in neck
Base cover materialPlastic – crack more easilySlightly thicker plastics- only crack under pressure 1.5-2cm fibreglass resin- you can’t hurt this one!
Maximum weight capacitySome from 80-90kg personSome from 90-180kg person200kg person
Hz – true speed range (not just the numbers on the screen)6-12hzMost start at 6hz,
and go to around 13-14 hz,
one goes to 22hz and the
closest goes to 28hz
Amplitude – mm plate moves From 3mm*- 8mmFrom 3*mm -11mmFrom 3*mm -13mm

gravity revolution test result