You may have a lot of questions about HyperGravity Training with Gravityhq and we want to help you find the right answers. That’s why we’ve compiled a handy list of frequently asked questions.

If you can’t find your answer here, contact us directly, we’re happy to help.

Are there any side effects from vibration training?

There are minimal side effects to date.

Providing that you have been following exercise training protocols it is important to drink water 30 minutes before exercising. This ensures that the body is well hydrated and that it also has the fuel necessary to perform exercise. It is also important to note that at no stage should your knees be hyperextended (locked or too straight), they should always be softly bent. This allows for the legs to stabilize the body and to do most of the work instead of the force from the plate transferring all the way up to the neck.

Can anyone use GravityRevolution?

Many people who are suffering conditions that usually stop them from exercising can safely use the GravityRevolution. It is important to seek the right advice for your condition.

If you suffer from any of the following conditions, while use of the machine may be possible, it may be best to please consult with your Health Practitioner before using the machine:

  • Severe type 1 Diabetes
  • Acute Thrombosis
  • Pacemaker
  • Acute Hernia
  • Malignant Tumours
  • Recently Implanted Stents (minimum of 6-12 weeks post-surgery)
  • Serious Cardiovascular Disease

If you have artificial joints, metal implants, or pins and plates, please wait for 6-12 weeks post -surgery and seek help from a professional for best results.

Can GravityRevolution replace my entire fitness program?

Vibration training has been shown to increases both static and dynamic muscle strength, it increases flexibility, co-ordination, balance and core stability. However, because vibration training is a form of resistance training it does not work the cardiovascular system, which means that it does not increase the size of the heart muscle. Therefore for optimal health we recommend that vibration training should be supplemented with cardiovascular exercise.

Can I use vibration training to help me lose weight?

Diet, water consumption and stress reduction will play a large part in assisting you to lose weight. However, vibration training as a form of resistance training has been shown to increase metabolism. Therefore, vibration training can greatly assist with weight loss. Because it simulates an intense weight training session in a short space of time – results for some people are quite fast.

Can vibrations be harmful?

Correct pivotal vibration is safe and creates no damaging impact to the joints or organs. Just like standard weight training, overuse can cause fatigue and muscle soreness and is not beneficial. Stay within the guidelines and check with your health practitioner before embarking on any new fitness regime.

How long and how often should I use GravityRevolution?

The average workout will be just 10-15 minutes about 3 times a week. However there are ways to use it more frequently, and if you ask the team at Gravityhq you can find out how to use it daily. Contrary to traditional workouts, vibration training works all muscle groups in your body at the same time, which makes it much faster to perform a workout. If you want to fast track your results it is important to keep progressively overloading the body so that it continues to adapt and get stronger.

How many days rest are necessary between training sessions?

As long as you have progressively increased your training intensity, you can train everyday with GravityRevolution. Ask the team how to do this for the best results.

I feel an itching sensation after using my machine is this normal?

Yes, this is a completely normal. This sensation is actually a good thing because it is caused by an increase in blood circulation. This sensation is only transient and should dissipate after a few minutes upon completion of your workout. As you start to improve your fitness and your circulation improves this sensation will decrease.

If I am a well-trained athlete do I need to do the beginner programs?

Due to the nature of vibration training it is important for most athletes to allow time for their bodies to familiarize themselves with vibration training. It is however highly possible that well-trained athletes will be able to progress to the more advanced programs much faster than a sedentary person.

If I have arthritis can I use GravityRevolution?

It is important to note that exercise should not be undertaken if the joint is heavily inflamed. In order for safe use of GravityRevolution, patients should take note to make sure that they never hyperextend (over straighten) joints and should build up any time spent on the machine. Patients should also be careful not to stimulate joints through their full range of movement until the muscles have started to become strong enough to support the joints.

Is GravityRevolution safe for all ages?

Vibration training has been shown to produce fantastic results for anyone between the ages of 15-115. There have been some particularly exciting results with elderly people. Resistance training has been shown to support improvements in co-ordination and balance and increases in muscle mass is very important for maintaining health as we age. The beautiful thing about Hyper-Gravity training is that it allows for strengthening the body without putting excess impact or strain on the joints.
Gravity Revolution is not recommended for children under the age of 15 years old. Gravity Revolution is a form of resistance training and it is not recommended for children because their muscles and bone structures are not yet fully developed.

Is GravityRevolution safe for my organs?

Pivotal Vibration exercise training such as with the GravityRevolution, has not been shown to have any adverse effects for your organs and there have never been any adverse reactions reported. If however you do experience any abnormal pain, please stop exercising immediately and consult with your health professional as you may have an underlying complication that needs to be investigated.

Is it better to train the entire body in one session or use split body training?

We generally recommended for beginner’s to start with full body training however, it is entirely based upon your individual goals. Both methods have been shown to provide great results and switching between whole body and split body training is one of the great methods to prevent plateaus.

Is it safe to use GravityRevolution in an apartment?

YES! Using the GravityRevolution in an apartment building is fine. The vibrational forces are nothing to worry about. However if you belief the forces may disturb your neighbours, possibly think of adding additional rubber mats under the supporting feet to dissipate the force.

Is vibration training credible?

Vibration training has been used as a training modality for over 40 years. In Europe vibration training is widely used in various gyms, sporting teams and by physiotherapists. There is a large body of evidence to support the effectiveness and safeness of vibration training. For more information please click on the research tab above.

My doctor does not know about Vibration training, what should I do?

The best thing you can do is to refer them to this website. Here they will find a large body of research and scientific studies on vibration training. Vibration training is fast becoming a popular method of training because it is highly researched and the results are so effective. Once your doctor knows, they will be able to inform you as to how it can benefit you.

Should I do cardiovascular training to supplement GravityRevolution?

Absolutely. In order to optimize health and/or sporting performance it is important to supplement vibration training with cardiovascular training because vibration training by itself does not strengthen the heart muscle. This is because vibration training is designed as a form of resistance training and does not make the heart work hard in order to oxygenate the blood.

Should you alternate muscle groups when you are exercising using GravityRevolution?

It is entirely based upon what your individual goals are, however we would recommend alternating between upper body, lower body and abdominal exercises in order to allow each muscle group a chance to rest, so that results can be maximised.

What is the advantage of using GravityRevolution over a traditional workout or other machines?

Using the GravityRevolution at frequencies greater than 12Hz allows the stretch reflex to be activated. This is important because without the stretch reflex making all your muscle respond all you will feel is a nice, fast wobble. As when you are using the GravityRevolution at frequencies greater than 12Hz, some resistance will be placed on the body through the effects of increased G-forces. As you increase the Hz, the G-force increases also. The optimum speeds for real muscle change are above 17Hz which gives a Gravity loading of over 10G’s. With this greater resistance placed on the body as well as and having as many as 90-100% of muscle spindles activated, you will be contracting your muscles at a much higher intensity when compared to traditional weight training. Greater strength benefits can be achieved through using Whole Body Vibration.

Who should not use GravityRevolution?

There are times when the GravityRevolution is not appropriate for use. Your Health practitioner can guide you, these may include:

  • Recent or current fracture/s, wait until the bone is recovered then use to help rebuild
  • Pregnancy
  • Acute inflammation/ wait until the inflammation reduces before using.
  • Very sharp pain – if sharp pain occurs – slow down or stop use
  • Recent wounds from an operation or surgery wait a minimum of 6 weeks after the operation

Why do we recommend that you drink water with a piece of lemon in it before and after your GravityRevolution session?

We recommend this because it is extremely important that you are well hydrated. Dehydration while exercising can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness and in extreme cases death. Hydration also assists with fat loss.

Why is GravityRevolution so unique?

GravityRevolution is unique as it has a large pivotal vibrational platform that is capable of producing very high level frequencies. This is important as it allows for the stretch reflex to occur. This then allows for greater gravitational forces to be placed on the body, thus increasing the resistance placed on the body. Greater health and fitness benefits will be experienced via this form of resistance training.