Better bodies for everybody

Gravityhq’s HyperGravity Training, offers a fast, easy and no-sweat workout system that has helped people of all ages and all fitness levels. Whether you are a senior looking to regain strength and mobility, an on-the-go type looking to reduce workout lengths yet reach your fitness goals or an athlete wanting to push the limits of your physical ability, HyperGravity Training with Gravityhq is the perfect vehicle to ensure you achieve and exceed your goals.

The full body workout for better health

Scientific research has shown that GravityRevolution whole body vibration provides you with a variety of unique and beneficial effects not possible with other forms of exercise. In fact, over the past forty years an overwhelming body of research has been collected which suggests superior results can be achieved with whole body vibration when compared to traditional weight training programs. From increased metabolic activation to lower cortisol levels (stress hormone) to enhancing bone density, reducing back pain and many more, the studies highlighting the benefits of whole body vibration are numerous.

The affordable, low stress exercise and rehabilitation solution

How can Gravity Training help you?

  • Relief from the symptoms of osteoporosis
  • Effectively reduces back pain and stiffness
  • Aids in weight loss and weight management
  • Improvements in circulation
  • Reduction in cellulite
  • Better balance and coordination
  • Improved concentration and physical strength
  • Noticeable improvements in physical appearance and general health
  • Alleviated muscle fatigue
  • Reduction in lower back pain
  • Swifter recovery for injury rehabilitation
  • Enhanced sport performance, flexibility and recovery time
  • Strengthened pelvic floor muscles
  • Increased mobility and flexibility of your muscles and joints