Customer Finance Options

Once you have felt how good it makes your body feel, it is not a matter of IF, but HOW OR WHEN

We understand that sometimes money is tight

So to purchase your Gravity Revolution, we created a few options for you

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finance -  vibration machines

Of course you can purchase all at once:

  • Using PayPal with our shopping cart
  • Call us and use your credit card to order and pay
  • Or internet transfer is an option

If you need to spread the payments over time here are some options:

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Nice and easy – no credit needed and no interest. It is based on 3 payments over 3 months or you can discuss one-on-one for a longer term.

Just call us at 0800 842 728 or email us at to get this started.


Set it up for as long as you like (can be as little as $35 per week).

Contact 0800 444 827 for an immediate approval.

Please note:  You will be charged interest on the Flexi Rent plan but sometimes to get what you want straight away, it is a good option.

Flexi rent is great for business, call them to chat about the benefits of this.


With Gilrose Finance you can have six months interest free.

Set it up here for anywhere from 6 – 36 months.

Contact them here: 0800 842 728

Take your Gravity Revolution Vibration machine today and get your body back to where it wants to be!