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Consistency is a part of the road to success.

Consistency leads to Success in Vibration Training

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Consistency is a part of the road to success.

Even with something as simple and easy to do as Vibration Training, consistency is still the major factor to getting results.

Over the years I wanted to achieve goals just be thinking about them, wanting them, and then waiting, waiting, waiting… for something to happen.

I hoped that surely just focussing on something should make the universe magically open up and bring it to me?

Admit it….we ALL want life to be easier.

But In my new wisdom-that-comes-from-age-and-experience, I now have learned that my parent’s advice to persist and be consistent to a certain goal and add ACTION to my dreams, has turned out to be the thing that actually makes them happen.

Life cannot do FOR you, what it can only do THROUGH and WITH you…meaning, the intention opens the door for life to step in, and your ACTIONS and consistency focus and direct the flow.

SO to this end, it is VITAL that we all commit to the outcomes we want for our body.  Consistency is needed in our actions to help with pain management, strength, happy joints, better posture or anything.

the fact is that the human body needs consistent repetition of certain actions to bring about a higher level of function in any physical area.

Whether it be circulatory, muscular, lymphatic or bone, it responds to correct and repetitive use and activity, and if done this way, will increase in its ability, functionality, and strength for doing whatever that action is.

In the same breath, though, I need to say, that it happens in reverse too!

If you stop doing the thing, the strength disappears, the flow becomes slower or blocked, the bone weakens, and the posture can drop.

Consistency in sitting on your bum on the couch gets results too, just not the ones we want!

And it is this I want to remind you about today.

The answer is easy…(especially if we are talking about vibration training for health)

Choose an action that takes you in the right direction and do it with consistency. The outcome of that action will inevitably take you to your goal.

Enjoy the powerful fact that in your hands, is the health of your body.  And even if you had given up hope in the past of ever having better joints, living without pain, losing that fat or whatever it is…your choice now to lead to the right actions is the perfect first step.

Your mission if you choose to accept it is:

This month – maintain consistency in my Vibration training.

If you are not as consistent on your Gravity Revolution machine as you wish you could be,(or any other training for that matter) then make a commitment, before the month has ended, to JUST GET ON the machine!!!

(Revolution, or whatever vibration machine you have)

Just wobble, massage, sit, lean, and anything, just get on it to feel good.  Then as you feel better down the track, you can add exercises and goals.

If your machine has become a dust gatherer in the corner, let’s revive your motivation and feel-good needs.  GET ON IT!!!

You are worth the effort.

This is your time.  Just for you.  You deserve it.

Your body deserves it.

And you will end up loving it again, I promise.

If by chance you are already using your Vibration machine with consistency, then we don’t need you to do more on it.  What we want, is to do what you are doing even better!!!

DON’T JUST GO THROUGH THE MOTIONS…..Start to really connect with your body.

Think of your form through every move or exercise that you do on the Revolution.

If all you do is stand on it, then think taller thoughts while doing that. Talk to your core muscles for standing tall, and reconnect mentally to how it feels to really stand tall.

A good focus is your breath.

For anyone who would like a great beginners technique on how to breathe properly using the entire diaphragm and ribcage, go to this link and read the article, it is a good technique to connect your body to your breath.


So this month is all about “get on it with consistency” or if you have been, then get on it with even better form or awareness of your body connection.

Consistency is your key, and you really will see some great results.

Happy Vibrations and Sunny days to you.



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