Who we are…

There is a twofold angle on the question of “who is Gravityhq”

We are proudly a New Zealand based company, with our head office in Hamilton.
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On the one hand there is Paul, owner, designer, manufacturer and general dogsbody for the business. His background in business management, staff training, and a hospitality level of customer service means that he sees your success on our vibration machine as the same thing as his success.

Basically he is in charge of:

  • Manufacturing
  • Design and R&D
  • Business manager
  • Back of house support and systems (warranties)

Then there is Dhyana, his partner, who focusses more on YOU, the customer, how to use the vibration machine, marketing image and advertising. Her background in the health and fitness industry means that your support is offered by someone who knows what they are talking about from experience…

vibration training
Dhyana looks after

  • Vibration training advice
  • Marketing and branding
  • Answering questions
  • Sales management

Their unique talents come together to back their passion for helping people in the area of health and fitness and life generally, and between them they have over 18 years’ experience in the field of vibration training and equipment.

Both Paul and Dhyana have used pivotal vibration training to manage issues in their health, and particularly for spinal support. Paul had a lower back that gave constant pain and Dhyana a neck injury that stopped her training.

Now they both enjoy the strength and flexibility in neck and back that we should all enjoy pain free, and it has become a personal goal to help as many people achieve that as possible.

They both tried a variety of machines personally and also in business professionally, over the years, and found that in one way or another, their high expectation of machine standard or business ethics was let down in some way. So in the end, they decided to build their own. This is why when you get a Gravity Revolution premium speed pivotal vibration machine you are using a commercial/professional level machine, which is safe and affordable for the home user and business alike.

Luckily with engineers in the family, a natural affinity with machinery, and a very clear understanding of what was needed for the machine to function at the highest level, the Gravity Revolution was born and now many people around the world are enjoying healthier, stronger bodies because of it.

Have a look at the Gravity Revolution, if you have tried vibration training before you will really feel the difference, and if you haven’t you will really see why the Revolution has stood the test of time and so many people are giving such great responses.