Some of the information you read about whole body vibration can be misleading.
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Gravity Revolution – whole body vibration training machines: Gravity HQ

rev lgovibration machine


  • Gravity Revolution WBV machine
  • A Great beginners starter program
  • Ongoing training support
  • WBV Physio exercises for rehab (online)
  • An easy to use exercise chart
  • Phone support for training help
  • Peace of mind 2 year warranty


80% Of People who start the gym, stop going regularly in a short time

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"spending most of my adult life as a professional rugby player, my body was riddled with injuries and aches. I have added the Gravity Revolution machine as a part of my training. I have more mobility and flexibility in my damaged joints and can also feel an increase in muscle strength. The relief to my back and increase in core strength has been great. I recommend it to anyone who wants to take their training or their body to the next level... the revolution provides a brilliant transition to functional daily strength"

Joe Ward,
owner Revolution sport,
Professional Rugby player

"The Gravity HQ team should be congratulated on their total commitment to all areas of vibration machine technology. From machine design, quality and performance through to studies on the health benefits of the technology, they really know their stuff. The staff really cares about people, and go out of their way to find the best solution for each person. And don’t worry – the solutions are do-able and realistic – you won’t be asked to run 10km!! Solutions are tailored to fit a person’s needs and ability. In a nutshell – I’d say this is the best vibration machine on the market. Come in and try it, feel what it is like and see what it can do for you."

Burleigh Heads Chiropractice Centre
2/1846 Lower Gold Coast Highway, Suite A
Burleigh Heads, QLD. 4220
PH: 07-55359833

"I most definitely recommend it… We are only scratching the surface with options it provides our athletic prep, recovery and rehab procedures… I have begun using it to calm me down when I about to blow a gasket. I also have a 20-month old boy who is anti sleep so when I feel myself nodding off I stand on it and give me a blast at about 20 hertz..."

Nigel Ashley-Jones
Canberra Raiders strength and conditioning coach

"I am the Harbour Master at Wells Next the Sea in Norfolk, UK. It is a high stress job leaving little time for exercise. I recently tried the Gravity Revolution with Dhyana for a few sessions and was so impressed I intend to buy one for my home use. I have an ankle and knee injury with arthritis and usually exercise is difficult because of these. I felt immediate change in my joints, and my body as a whole felt more relaxed and supple. I am looking forward to owning my own machine and experiencing the long term effects."

Robert Smith

"After 23 years driving trucks, my back muscles are very tight and sore. I tried this machine at the field days and I felt immediate relief. This could be the difference between continuing to drive or looking for alternative work."

Elliot Pirihi
– Truck Driver

"I know that Gravity Revolution will improve my quality of life, as after only two sessions the constant daily pain that I have been in for years has disappeared totally."

Paul Carpenter
– Farmer/Business Man

"It is fantastic after doing a hard day of garden, just getting on it relaxes you and take some of the hard day’s work, pain away.Dealing with Dhyana is so great. What a wonderful lady, always happy to help and always going the extra mile. I think Gravityhq has wonderful service"

Chrissy Wadsworth

"I feel more relaxed. Because I love to cook, I tend to stand for very long times and this helps with the pains in my legs - Has reduced my pain by 80%."

Sue Van Dyke

"I definitely feel relaxed. I find that I am sleeping longer at night and waking up refreshed.I can see my body getting firmer and more toned. Gravityhq has one of the best services, I have ever experienced, and they really care about their customers and always make sure that the customer is getting the best out of the machine."

Stella Tetro
at home mum

"Your service is Fantastic, Great customer service, Staff are friendly and professional. We found our free program easy to read and we have achieved great results so far. We are really happy to promote GravityHQ to other customers."

Scott Bower

"I tried it at the wellington home exhibition and my back felt and still feels amazing, so I want to keep it up."

Susan Carpenter
- accountant

"I have just recently incorporated the whole body vibration program as a way accelerate my fat loss results & am already seeing tone, feeling increased stamina & strength in my joints & muscles using the Gravity Revolution machine"

Aaron More
– owner More2U
– Healthy Weight Loss

"We incorporated an efficient proven method of exercise that would complement our busy lifestyle & take our health & vitality to the next level. In a very short time using the Gravity Revolution we are excited with the results for ourselves & want to promote whole body vibration to all our clients that really do want to reach their health & wellness potential..."

Kelly More
- owner More2U
– Healthy Weight Loss

"I am a Performing Arts Teacher. As I teach Dance and Drama to Secondary students I am usually running around in a frenzy, which can feel like exercise, but is probably not the best thing for my body. As I have gotten older I feel ankles, knees and hips playing up and my usual gym workout doesn’t seem to have the same effect it used to. I tried the Gravity Revolution machine with Dhyana for a week and noticed a great difference, not only in the way I felt, but in the way I moved. I felt much ‘lighter’ and my joints were much more fluid when moving. Also, using the machine on massage mode allowed me to feel much less stressed, so the mind and body felt more cohesive and ‘on the same page’. I can’t wait to get my own machine!"

Elizabeth Dark

"My body gets stressed really easily and I have found that after a 10min workout I feel so good and relaxed, best thing I could have done is purchase a GravityRevolution machine.I am getting stronger.I used the starter program for only 2 weeks, and then started to find my own way around the machine. I let my body tell me how much I could do.I have noticed that my clothes fit better and that I am more toned.
I first met GravityHQ at the Northshore Tradeshow and I found you to be friendly, honest and you provided a really great service. One thing that really stood out for me was the follow-up call to see how I was going and if there was anything you could do to help. I think that it shows how much you care for you customers."

Theresa Walker

"The Gravity Revolution clearly provides an athlete with a great flushing effect at the same time as stimulating muscle fibres and recruiting core and joint stabilisation muscles. It's a sturdy piece of kit that could potentially take off over here in New Zealand given half the chance. I will look forward to trialling the machine in more clinical studies and hope to coming away with some research proving it's valuable benefits."

Andy Flint,
specialized trainer and owner/director of Next Level Elite

"Since purchasing my body vibration machine I have received excellent after sales service and information and how to get the best results from my 10 min daily use. I continue to feel stronger with less pain as a result with GravityHQ and would recommend all interested in this product working with Dhyana and Paul."

Graham Laycock
satisfied customer

"What a machine I am in my 80th year. I have been using it for 15 months and feel so much younger. I have had a new knee and hip and this has helped me to learn to walk again with little or no limp. The service has been outstanding they are very friendly and you can talk to them so easily. I am happy to recommend Gravityhq."

Robert Lochore

"Fit-for-fun over 54...
I have one of these and it is amazing. I can feel where my body is when I hop on my machine my left ankle/shin/calf often feels tighter than my right due to my knee injury which slows down the movement of the lymph up my the vibration gets it moving and evens it up. Same with my elbow injury, so I sit on the machine with my hands on it too and the vibration clears out the blockages and brings fluid to the area with all its healing powers. Good stuff."

Cate Williams – personal trainer
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gravityhq - gravity machines


is the distance the plate moves from peak to peak as it moves. The deeper the amplitude on a pivotal machine the more intense the muscle reaction. BUT too much amplitude decreases the response of the muscle and not enough amplitude will not stimulate the muscle contraction response.


vibration machines


is how fast the platform moves per second. The higher the frequency, the faster the muscle responds. BUT too fast a frequency and the human muscle cannot keep up, and too slow a frequency (below 12Hz) and the muscle is not stimulated to contract at all.


weight loss machines


or gravity is created as the plate moves upward with the right acceleration (Amplitude + frequency) first on one side then the other. If you don’t have the RIGHT amplitude and frequency, you will get minimal G-force and therefore minimal results.

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From Russian Astronauts To Fitness And Physiotherapy

Have you heard the story of why this technology was created? It began with the space programs over 30 years ago when Russian physicists came up with a brilliant way to increase the lost bone and muscle density that their astronauts experienced after extended exposure to 0 G’s. Using movement frequencies that generated high gravitational load on the body of the returned astronauts, they were able to regenerate the lost tissue far more quickly than conventional training. In the 25 years following the gave birth to the explosion of sport enhancement, and rehabilitation of old and damaged tissue.

gravityhq - acceleration training


We understand that everybody is different

acceleration trainings

Wherever You Work, Or Play, Or Live,

Get on the Revolution

Rugby Players
Truck Drivers
Special Needs Schools
Office Workers
Fitness Trainers
Weight Loss Clinics
Horse Riders
People with
Joint Problems

Anyone who needs exercise
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Studies show that weight bearing exercise produced by high g-force vibration machines, can significantly increase bone density faster than normal weight training.